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Car rental in Johannesburg

Our car rental Johannesburg experience is simple and effective. We are renowned at providing the best customizable services to our clients. We pride ourselves as the best in the industry due to a number of factors:

Our cars

We have an excellent fleet of cars for any occasion. Our cars can be hired for a wedding, leisure, honeymoon, business, weekend gateway and any other purpose that fully satisfies your goals.   Some of the brands in our fleet include the Mercedes-benz, Range Rover, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Maserati  and, safari cars. These cars come in different models.

Our fleet of cars is well-managed

Our cars are kept clean at all times. Different tourists use our safari cars to travel to different National parks and other tourist destinations in Southern Africa. By the end of such journeys, we always wash the cars to ensure that they are clean. Not only that, even if it is a city drive within Johannesburg, our outmost goal is to ensure the comfort our clients. We will do the necessary to ensure that the cars are kept car. In terms of car maintenance, it is our mandate to ensure that the car is well-serviced. For that reason, our cars are regular checked to ensure that they are in the best mechanical condition- servicing our cars is mandatory.

Our drivers are very nice

Our success has been built upon the experience and friendliness of our drivers. Since most the car hires involves a driver, our drivers have been good at representing us. Each of the drivers is certified and has a wealth of knowledge regarding South Africa and the different neighboring countries; you will always feel safe in their hands.

Our reservation managers are always fast and prompt in responding to inquiries.

There are many clients who always want to hire a car in an hour or less from the time of inquiry and this requires a prompt and well-trained team to achieve success. Our reservation managers are always ready to respond to any inquiries that you may have. Whether you want to hire a car within the next minutes, you will be assured of getting the car of your dream.

Get the best car that suits your personal needs by hiring a car from us. Inquire now.

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