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Luxury car hire in Durban

Hire luxury cars in Durban at the most affordable price. We have a fleet of exotic cars which are ready to be hired; we have different models of Mercedes-benz, Audis, BMW, Maserati, Porsche, Range Rover and Lamborghini.

Each of the cars is kept in the best mechanical condition to ensure that they satisfy the needs of our clients. Our cars are also kept clean.

Luxury cars with or without drivers in Durban

Our cars are can either hire with or without a driver. We know that most clients prefer to cruise along the beautiful roads of South Africa, and this is why we offer self drive car hiring options. As regards, to hiring a car with a driver, you will be assured of exceptional services. Our drivers are certified and professional to drive you across any part of Durban or South Africa in general.

Amazing luxury car rental Prices in Durban

In terms of pricing, the prices of our cars are fair. Although these are exotic cars that command a high renting fee, we always ensure that the rent fees are reasonable and affordable.

Flexible terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions of car hiring are straight forward. For clients who need to rent a car with a driver, the terms and conditions of use are simpler compared to the hiring a car for self drive. We are flexible enough in implementing the terms and conditions since each client have their own situation.

Our cars can be hired on almost every situation. For business personnel, you can always find the right car that shall fulfill your business goals. If you prefer to cruise along the well-structured roads of South Africa as leisure, we have the beautiful cars that will always make your drive memorable.

To simply the decision making of our clients, we always answer frequently asked Questions. Let me answer some here:

Is it possible to hire for days?

Yes, we don’t have a limit of days when you are supposed to hire our cars. Our cars can be leased out for months or for just a few hours.

Are non-residents allowed to hire cars in South Africa?

Yes, Non-residents are allowed to hire cars in South Africa as long as they possess a driving permit.

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