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Luxury car hire in Johannesburg

Our Luxury car hire Johannesburg services are straight forward. We have the best fleet of exceptional luxury cars in Johannesburg. Our fleet of luxury cars includes the most common luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Maserati, and Bentley.

Our cars can be hired with or without a driver. In case you want a driver, we have exceptional drivers to take you around South Africa. Each of our drivers possess a driver permit and have years of driving experience around South Africa. In case you want to drive along the beautiful roads of South Africa, we shall surely ensure that your dreams become a reality. All you need are the official driving permits either International driving permit or a foreign recognized driving permit.

Why rent supers cars from us in Johannesburg?

The cars that we hire out are always well-maintained and clean. Each car goes through regular checks to ensure that they are under the best mechanical condition.

Flexible terms and conditions

We know that car hiring needs can easily arise and the person may want to use the service the next hour, our car hiring procedures are straight forward and we have a team of professional reservation managers who are always responding to your queries.

Each luxury car hire Johannesburg experience always adds value to us, we learn a lot and this helps us to refine our car hiring process- We are always happy to offer you with a professional luxury car hiring service.

In order to simply the process of car hiring, Let me answer some of the frequently asked questions about luxury car hiring in Johannesburg.

Hire luxury cars in Johannesburg with us today.

How safe are luxury cars that you hire out?

Our cars regularly go through exceptional checks to ensure that they are in the best mechanical conditions. We don’t hire out a car unless it has been tested to be under the perfect condition. Maintaining luxury cars require effort but we do our best to ensure that our cars are in best mechanical condition

How many days can I hire a luxury car in Johannesburg?

There is no limit to the number of days that you can hire the luxury car. All you need is to inform when you will be returning the car.

Is it possible for Foreigners to drive a Luxury car in South Africa?

Yes, Foreigners can be allowed to drive cars in South Africa as long as they possess the right document such as an International driving permit or a foreign driving permit




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