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Hire a luxury car in Pretoria

Get the most affordable luxury cars for hire in Pretoria with us.  Imagine cruising along the beautiful Pretoria in one of the latest car models. This is what you get when you hire a car from us.

We have a fleet of luxury cars to suit any type of occasion. We have the following brands of cars: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Range Rover, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, and BMW.  We have different models of the brands mentioned above. Each car is maintained in the best condition to ensure that our clients drive safe cars. In addition, each car is kept clean.

do you need to hire exotic cars in Pretoria with a driver?

Our cars can be hired with or without a driver. In case you hire a car with a driver, you will be assured of the best professional services. Our drivers are certified and professional. Each driver knows Pretoria very well, you will able to learn several tips from them. In case you decide to hire a car without a driver, we shall surely rent you our beautiful cars such that you cruise along the beautiful roads of Pretoria.

Our cars are rented for different purposes. If you are renting for business purposes, you will be assured of getting that car that will surely fulfill your business goals. For honeymooner or those hiring for leisure purposes, you will surely enjoy riding our cars along the different parts of Pretoria and South Africa.

Great car rental prices in Pretoria

We charge a reasonable price. Although these are luxury cars, we know that pricing is key factor to ensure that our clients are happy. You will surely get the best cars at the most affordable price.

Our terms and conditions are flexible, we are humans and we understand the various situation that our clients; we always make sure that you walk away with better terms and condition during your car rental.

luxury car rental Questions in Pretoria

What age do you consider when hiring out a car?

We always prefer someone to be at least 20 years and above.

Are foreigners allowed to hire cars in Pretoria?

Yes, foreigners can easily hire cars in Pretoria as long as they have a driving permit.


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