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Rent a luxury car in Sandton

We offer excellent luxury car hire services in Sandton at the best price. We know that pricing is a determining factor why some clients always keep coming back to us and we have made it a mandate to only hire out cars at the most affordable prices.

our luxury fleet in Sandton

We have a luxury fleet of cars. The most common car brands can easily be hired with us. The car brands we have at our fleet include Mercedes-benz, Audi, Range Rover, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, and Lamborghini. We have several models of these cars.

Each of the cars is maintained to the best standards, we always service our cars to ensure that they are safe to be driven around Sandton. Our cars are also clean all the time.

our Car rental terms and conditions

Our car hiring terms and conditions are straight forward. We always don’t want to complicate issues and this is why we have favourable terms and conditions. Our cars can be hired with a driver, If you plan to hire a car with a driver, you will be assured of excellent driving. Our drivers are certified and professional. In addition, they know the different sections of Sandton; you will be assured of being given the best directions.  In case you want to hire a car without a driver, we shall surely rent you the car of your dream.

Our clients hire cars for different purposes. If you hiring for business purposes, we have the best cars that shall surely add value to your business; for those hiring for leisure purposes, the extraordinary cars in our fleet shall surely ensure that you have a  wonderful drive across the beautiful road network of Sandton.

We don’t have a specific period when our cars can be returned. It all depends on the renting period of our clients. There are clients who simply want to hire for just some few hours while others may prefer to hire the car for weeks or even months; no matter the period, you will surely get the car that will satisfy your need.

Here are some of the common frequently asked Questions about luxury cars in Sandton:

Are non-residents allowed to hire cars in Sandton?

Yes, it is possible to hire a car as a non-resident as long as you have a driving permit


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