Luxury car hire for wedding

Luxury car hire for wedding

Our luxury car hire for wedding include the most respectable brands in the luxury car market. We will help you get the best luxury car for your wedding in South Africa. All the provinces in South Africa are considered. We have a fleet of luxury cars which include Mercedez-benz, Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ranger Rover, Porsche, and  BMWs. Our cars come into 3 different categories: Vintage cars, of limousines and extremely luxury cars.

Each of the cars is maintained in the best mechanical condition for the safety of our clients. The cars are regularly serviced with reputable mechanics.

Best Wedding cars with drivers or for self drive purposes

Our cars can be hired with a driver or without a driver. Majority of our clients prefer cars with the driver. Our drivers are very professional and they know the ethnics of wedding. The drivers know most regions in South Africa. Our drivers are located in almost every province to ensure our clients receive the best services. In terms of pricing, we charge a fair price. We know that the bride and groom are always looking at the creating last memories. We help the couple to create wonderful memories in the best way possible.

Adjustable wedding car rental terms and conditions

One of the challenges of car hire services are the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions have to favourable for both the clients. We always work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that we discuss favourable terms and conditions. Each client is different and we have always ensured that every client gets the best possible cars at the favourable terms and conditions. We are always ready to listen to what you are planning to go with in terms of the terms and conditions. But there are some conditions that are constant, for example, in case you are hiring a car without a driver, a driving permit is prerequisite.

Get the best last minute deals. Some of our clients come in the last moment to demand for cars. We always have cars for hire and even if all cars have been hired, we always get for you that car that you desire.

Consult us today for favourable luxury car hire services for your wedding. We are wedding car hire experts.



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