Mercedes benz hire for wedding

Hire a Mercedes Benz car for your wedding in South Africa

Our Mercedes benz hire for wedding service will ensure that you get the best Mercedes benz for your wedding. There is an increase in the demand for Mercedes benz across many wedding. We always receive inquiries from clients wanting to hire a Mercedes benz. We have a wonderful fleet of mercedez benz that can hire out to our clients. Our mercedez benz come into 3 categorizes : Luxury cars, limousines, and vintage cars. Whatever category that you go with, we will provide for you the car that you want.

Rent a Mercedes for a wedding with a driver or without a driver

Our cars are mostly driven with a driver. We offer cars with drivers to enable the couple to concentrate more on their wedding and there are specific cars that really difficult to drive and therefore they require special drivers. Cars like limousines are not easily driven by most people. Our drivers are very professional, they have great customer care and they surely know how to keep time as well as finding the easiest route to your final destination.

Last minute wedding deals

To be effective at our Mercedes benz hire services, you will need to inform us about your pickup point. Our cars can be hired during the last minute weddings. We know how challenging it can be to put up a last minute wedding; we will help you with the car hire services in case you plan a last minute wedding.

Understandable terms and conditions

In terms of terms and conditions, we have simple terms and conditions that are favourable for all tourists. We know that terms and conditions have to be friendly to ensure that every party involved in the car hiring processes is happy. We will sit with you to discuss the best possible terms and conditions before hiring out the car

In terms of pricing, we charge fair prices on all our car rentals.  Our prices are some of the best on the market.

If you are planning to have a memorable and great wedding in South Africa, consider choosing our Mercedes benz hire for wedding. Send us an inquiry and one of our service representatives will get back to you.



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