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Self drive car hire in Cape Town

Looking for a self drive car hire in Cape Town? We have a very excellent self drive Cape Town service. We know that Cape Town is among those busy cities that attract several tourists from all walks of life, many tourists use Cape Town as the gateway to South Africa.  We offer excellent Self drive cars for any occasion. Whether you are planning to visit several tourism destinations in South Africa and you just want to go on a self drive discovery journey, we shall surely help you with your self drive car hire needs.

Hire for any needs in Cape Town

If you are business man or a company looking for a reliable car to go finish off that business deal, we shall be able to offer you with exception self drive service- we will hire you a car without a driver meaning you will be the one to drive yourself to the final destination.

The only requirement you need is an International driving permit or a valid driving permit from your home country, the latter is subjected to exceptions.

Why  hire a car for self drive in Cape Town?

We know that Cape Town is considered as the starting point for most the longer journeys in South Africa and in most cases; tourists use that same destination as their end point. With us, you will be assured of the best self drive car hire services. We have a fleet of well-maintained cars for all occasion. Whether you are planning to go for a safari in South Africa, you will surely find the right car with us. In case, you want to go for business, we have all the cars that are appealing to all sorts of businesses and companies.

For adventure tourists, there is an option to hire a car with all the camping equipment provided which will save you the burden of hiring a car and then thinking about the camping equipment.

self drive terms and conditions in Cape Town

We have excellent terms of conditions. Our terms of conditions are fair and straight forward. For example, In case you want to extend your current car hiring contract, you can simply call us on the final day and we will make those adjustments.

Look no further especially if you want to hire a reliable car for a self drive throughout South Africa. Contact us today your self drive car hiring needs.


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