Self drive Johannesburg

Self drive car hire in Johannesburg

We offer self drive Johannesburg services to tourists that would like to hire a car in Johannesburg as a starting point and drive to any location. We know that there are a increasing number of tourists who want to do things on their own, such tourists prefer to self drive to any location. This makes them feel independent and also discover things on their own. The phenomenon of living like a local has fuelled many to self drive cars. Whatever category that you belong to, we shall surely rent you a car on a self drive option.

Rent to any National Park

Whether you are going to Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands game reserve or any tourism destination within the country, you will be assured of a highly professional car rental services. In addition, we will be able to give you tips on how to enjoy your Journey.

For business people, If you are planning to have a wonderful business meeting; you could decide to hire a car where you shall be the driver.  Many businesses are now adopting that model of hiring cars on a self drive option.

Why would you hire a car from us?

Choosing the right car rental agency is one of the factors that shall determine the success and failure of your trip. You would prefer to hire from an agency that has the best terms and conditions. When you rent a car from us, you shall be assured of good terms and conditions. Before you hire car from us, we sign a simple contract but the terms and conditions are always fair.

Our prices are fair

We charge reasonable prices to ensure that our client keep coming back. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients, we always go that extra mile of giving them the best car hiring price.

We have a fleet of reasonable cars that include several cars. We have several cars for hire. From luxury cars to 4×4 cars that are suitable for camping and visiting tourist sites.

Looking for the best self drive Johannesburg services, contact us today to get your dream car.



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