Wedding car hire bloemfontein

Wedding car hire Bloemfontein

Rent a wedding car in Bloemfontein and choose from the best fleet of cars.

Our wedding car hire Bloemfontein service is one of the best on the market. In Bloemfontein, we have a fleet of nice wedding cars for hire at a reasonable price. Our cars fall into 3 categories: Vintage cars, Limousines, and luxury cars.  The most demanded categories are the Vintage and Luxury cars. In terms of luxury cars, we have cars from well-respected car brands: Audi, Mercedes, Maserati, Range Rover, Porsche and Lamborghini.  Each of our cars is always kept in the best mechanical conditions to ensure the safety our clients.

Rent with or without a driver

Our cars can be hired with or without a driver. From experience, clients prefer to hire cars with drivers- this helps them to concentrate on their wedding.

We charge a fair price on all our cars to ensure that we satisfy the desires of our clients. Making our clients smile is always our outmost goal.

Our terms and conditions are always flexible; we always negotiate better terms and conditions of our car hiring services with our clients. From experience, some of the clients come up with different situations which require us to adjust the terms and conditions. For example, although we know that wedding cars are hired for a day, there are situations where some clients would prefer to stay with the cars for about a week.

We are experts in last minute wedding

There is nothing that is challenging as making the last minute preparations. Most clients come up with wedding plans just days before their wedding day and this implies that such couples will find themselves requiring urgent service providers. We have done that before and our clients have been happy all through- our clients have always been happy towards our last minute wedding car hire service. We are able to do this because of our experience. With a great fleet of cars, there is always nothing to worry about.

Hire the best wedding cars from us today. Choose among the cars to hire and contact us now


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