wedding car hire Cape Town

Wedding car hire in Cape Town

Hire a wedding car in CapeTown and have the best wedding of all time.

Get the best wedding cars for hire in Cape Town at a great price. Wedding car hire South Africa offers the best car hiring experience for your wedding. We have a fleet of cars that shall make your wedding memorable. In case you want to choose a specific color, we shall endeavor to find that car for you. Our cars fall into 3 categories: Exotic wedding cars, Vintage wedding cars and limousines. If you prefer a luxurious wedding, we have a fleet of renowned latest cars to suit your function: some of the cars in our fleet include Maserati, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Lamborghini. In terms of limousines, our collection keeps on increasing day by day.

We have an excellent team of drivers who shall drive you throughout the entire day, our drivers are certified and have years of experience. Our cars can either be rented with or without a driver.

Each of our cars is kept in the best mechanical condition to ensure the safety our clients. In addition, we always wash cars before being used by our clients.

Great terms and conditions

We have simple terms and conditions- When you come to hire a car from us, you will be assured of getting the best terms and conditions. In case you don’t agree with some terms, we can always make the adjustment to ensure that you are happy.

We offer the best prices in Cape Town

Our car hiring prices are fair. We bill our cars per hour or per day depending on what suits you best.

Some of the frequently asked Questions about wedding car hire in Cape Town?

Do I need to deposit a refundable fee before hiring a wedding car from you? That depends, if you are hiring for a self drive purpose; depositing a refundable fee is necessary however if you are hiring with a driver, there is always no need to pay that refundable fee.

Our cars and the prices.


Wedding car hire South Africa

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