wedding car hire Johannesburg

Wedding car hire Johannesburg

Hire a wedding car in Johannesburg and choose from our wonderful fleet of exceptional cars

We have the best exceptional wedding car hire service in Johannesburg. Our excellent wedding car services are great for any couple who is ready to tie-the-knot. We have an exceptional fleet of luxury cars to make your wedding colorful. Whether you are planning to hire the latest cars, we have them and in case you plan to go for the vintage cars, we have a fleet of such cars. In addition, we also a selection of Limousine vehicles to transport you during the wedding

Why hire wedding car in Johannesburg from us?

We have a fleet of cars that are frequently demanded on the wedding. According to research, we have found out that most of the cars that are demanded by couples during their wedding. And from that perspective, we have built our portfolio of cars depending on that factor.  Sometimes, the newly-wed may prefer a certain color for their wedding and they might want the same color to resonate among the cars: we simply have a nice fleet that we know shall be able to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We have very nice drivers and we also allow the self drive service

Most of our wedding cars are driven by our own drivers however we have an option to allow the drivers to drive some of the cars. Our Drivers are patient and well-experienced in driving. You won’t find any issue with them

We can easily supply your car needs within the shortest time possible. We have had couples who planned their weddings in the last minute and we have always been there for them. We always provide them with efficient and clean cars no matter when they inquire about their car hiring needs.

Our terms of conditions are fair enough. We always do complicate things; our ultimate goal is always to ensure the success our any wedding. We know that we contribute to that success, that’s why we have fair terms and conditions.

car prices

The pricing of cars depend on several factors however our prices are always normal and affordable.

Contact us and we will be ready to offer you an excellent wedding car rental experience in Johannesburg


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