Wedding car hire Kimberley


Wedding car hire Kimberley

Hire a wedding care in Kimberley and select from our fleet of luxury and vintage cars.

Our wedding car hire Kimberly services promises to deliver the best wedding cars in Kimberly. You will get the best deals of cars from us during your wedding. We are wedding car hire experts. We have a fleet of wedding car hire and our fleet of cars keeps on growing. We have the most demanded brands for wedding. Some of the brands of cars that we have include the Porsche, BMW, Audi, Range Rover, Maserati, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz.  Whether you want a vintage car or some latest editions, you will always find them from us. We also have a range of limousine cars. Each of the cars is maintained in the best mechanical condition for the safety of our cars. The cars are kept clean at all times.  We have good drivers whom we use on most of the occasions. Our drivers are very professional and they know how to keep time. The drivers know that is important to find the easiest route to the wedding reception or any other place that you would like to visit during the wedding

There are cases were our client demand that we hire them cars without drivers, we always make the best decision when it comes to that.

Great Prices

In terms of pricing, our cars are usually affordable. Our ultimate goal is to always ensure that our clients are happy. We want to always see more smiles on our clients and this is why it is important that we offer the best cars that are affordable.

Good terms and conditions

We have very professional terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions are fair and we always strike the balance between our client’s needs and our terms and conditions. Each of the clients is offered with the best condition.

Good last minute deals

For those that plan on having last minute decisions, you will  find the best last minute wedding car deal from us.

Consult from us today and one of the reservation managers will be able to discuss the most affordable option. Get your wedding car for hire from us today.



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