Wedding car hire Pietermaritzburg

Wedding car hire Pietermaritzburg

Rent wedding cars in Pietermaritzburg and select from the best fleet of well-serviced luxury and vintage cars.

Get the best wedding cars in Pietermaritzburg by hiring your wedding cars from us today. You will get the perfect cars that fully suit your wedding.  We have a fleet of cars that will make your wedding memorable and unique.

Bridal car fleet in Pietermaritzburg

Our extensive fleet of cars includes the Audi, Mercedez-benz, Range Rover, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and BMW.  Whether you want a vintage car, latest models or limousines, you will always have the best cars from us. We are reliable and highly professional.

Our cars are usually hired with a driver. The driver is what represents our company during the wedding and therefore, we always ensure that we give you very professional and reliable drivers. Each of the drivers has the perfect driving permit to ensure that they drive the cars. Our drivers know the importance of keeping time, you will have the wedding car at your convenient time, and there will be no delays. In case you want to hire the car without a driver, you can always consult us such that we discuss the best options.

Our cars are maintained in the best mechanical condition to ensure the safety of our clients. Before the start of the wedding, we usually take the car to the mechanics to ensure that everything is in order. We never want to disappoint our clients.

wedding car rental prices in Pietermaritzburg

In terms of pricing, we usually charge the best price. Our prices are favourable for every class of client.

About the terms and condition of car hire, we always sit down with our clients to understand their car needs and when they want to use cars under what conditions. From there we can always adjust the terms and condition such that we give the best deal to our clients.

For those planning last minute weddings, you can always consult from us. We are always ready to hire you the best desired car.

We have great cars to choose from. Contact us today and we will be able to offer you with the best wedding car hire deal in Pietermaritzburg



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