wedding car hire port elizabeth

Wedding car hire Port Elizabeth

Hire a wedding car in Port Elizabeth and select from  the best fleet of exceptional luxury and vintage cars in Port Elizabeth

Our wedding car hire Port Elizabeth services are straightforward. We make the process of hiring a wedding car smooth. We have a fleet of wedding cars for hire in areas around Port Elizabeth. Our cars always add value to a wedding and they make some of the weddings memorable.

Luxury wedding cars fleet in Port Elizabeth

We have luxury wedding cars, vintage cars and Limousines. In the luxury car category, we have a fleet of renowned exotic brands and different car models. The car brands in our luxury car category include Rolls Royce, Bentley,  Mercedes, Maserati, Audi, Range Rover, Porsche, and Lamborghini. From experience, some wedding couples opt for cars of the same color; we have them in case that is your wish.

For most of the occasion, we always prefer our drivers to drive you to your final destination. We do this to ensure that you focus your attention on the wedding rather than the driving however there are cases where clients request us to hire them cars for self drive purposes. That request can be granted on luxury and vintage cars however limousines are a bit tricky.

Not all wedding are planned months in advance, there are wedding that are planned within a week. Such times require urgent preparations to ensure that everything is laid out well. If you are planning for a last minute wedding; we will ensure that we get you the cars of your dream. We have the cars always in stock such you come up with the urgent demand.

Our terms and conditions are fair enough. We always ensure that we are transparent with our clients. There is always no hidden terms and conditions.

bridal car prices in Port Elizabeth

In terms of pricing, we regularly revise our pricing to ensure that we are one of the best on the market. You will surely have the best prices in case you decide to hire a car from us.

Other wedding car services in Port Elizabeth

We have seen our client demand on wedding add-on services like ushers, catering and others. To ensure that we offer them with a full package, we have partnered with several service providers who are ready to offer you the best services.

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