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Wedding car hire in Pretoria

Our wedding car hire Pretoria Service is simple and professional. We have a fleet of cars around Pretoria which are ready to be hired out for weddings. We know that some couples  prefer on their weddings, for example for couples that want wedding cars of only a certain colour or car brand model, you won’t be disappointed with our services. You will surely get the cars of your dream.

We have a fleet of wedding cars that follow into 3 categories: Vintage cars, luxury cars and limousines. Since most of the clients prefer to use luxury cars, we have ensured that almost every renowned brand that is revered on wedding is fully available.  We have Mercedes-benz, Audis, Range Rovers, Maserati, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Each of the cars in our fleet is kept in a best mechanical condition to ensure the safety of our clients. In addition, our cars are always clean.

We have Experienced drivers

Our cars are driven by certified and experienced drivers. You will feel comfort while you are being driven around. Hiring a car with our driver is the most straight forward option; it doesn’t involve depositing a refundable amount of money with us.  For those who want to hire a car without a driver, that is always possible.

We rent our wedding cars at the best Prices

About pricing, we charge fair prices. Our Ultimate goal is always to ensure that our clients get the cars they need. From that perspective, we always do our best to get the cars such that our cars are happy.

We always have Last minute deals

We are professional in last minute wedding car requests. We have seen that some clients ask for their wedding cars days before their wedding, we always do the best to ensure that we fulfill their dreams. We have the cars in our custody, no matter when you ask the service; just know you will get the car of your dream.

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