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Wedding car hire in Sandton

Our Wedding car hire Sandton service ensures that you get your dream wedding car at the most affordable price. We have a fleet of wedding cars that can fit in any style of wedding that you are planning. We have 3 different categories of cars: Luxury cars, vintage cars and limousines.  For luxury cars, we have the renowned exotic car brands and different models. We have Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Range Rover, Maserati, Porsche, and Lamborghini.  Our cars are maintained in the best conditions- we always ensure that each car is regularly serviced to ensure the safety of our clients.

We hire with or without a driver

Our cars can be hired with or without a driver. In most weddings, a lot of people prefer to hire our drivers in order to concentrate on other parts of the wedding rather than driving. Our drivers are highly professional, they have attended all sorts of wedding and I’m certain that you will find comfort when they are driving.

Our terms and conditions are flexible

Our terms and conditions are flexible. We know that although weddings almost follow the same format, there are situations where the couples may want to differ from others- we have seen situations where clients hire cars and ask to be returned in 3 days. These are some of the exceptional conditions where we are flexible in our terms and conditions to ensure that the clients are treated fairly.

Bridal car prices in Sandton

Our prices are reasonable and affordable. Although we have a variety of cars, we always ensure that the prices are kept low for the satisfaction of our clients.

We are experts in Last-minute preparations. For clients that want to make the last minute preparations, you won’t be disappointed in our services. We always have cars for wedding.

Other additional services:

Some clients usually go an extra step of asking for ushers, catering services and other services. For that reasons, we partnered with some of the companies that deal in those lines of businesses to ensure that our clients remain happy.

Get the best wedding cars from us in Sandton; choose from the different types of cars. contact us for the latest deals


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